It’s time to take the TEDx experience to a whole new dimension. Meet TEDx Adventures – now in Wroclaw!

Have you heard about learning by doing?

Sometimes action outstrips words, so we present an alternative format to the standard TEDx talk. With TEDx Adventures, you can take part in local on-site and hands-on interactive events to explore Ideas in action. Either you meet the professionals in their working places or explore what is behind the closed door in your neighborhood – we will show you something that will broaden your horizons. Unlike the annual conference, TEDx Adventures are offered throughout the year as a way to extend and build on the powerful TEDx experience. Participation is free and requires prior registration.

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The Love Experiment

Not too keen on the traditional online dating scene? Looking for something more ‘instant’ while at the same time meaningful?

FX Adventure on Special Effects

Who wouldn’t want to play in a movie with special effects, to run from an angry dinosaur across a lava field? Or fly on a dragon?

Cooking is fun

In this Adventure, your kids will learn that cooking is fun, and they will also get a chance to practise their English skills.

The Talent Hunt

Każde dziecko ma talent, czasem tylko dorośli nie potrafią go dostrzec. Zapraszamy dzieci do udziału w zajęciach, które pomogą im rozwinąć ich talent, a rodziców na warsztaty, które pomogą im odkryć talent dziecka.

On air

In this Adventure, you will get the once in a lifetime chance to visit a radio broadcasting studio, meet the people who work there, get trained by a radio specialist, and finally go on air, to speak on a topic of your choice.

Be an avatar

In this Adventure you will leave the world as we all know it for an experience in Virtual Reality. How does it feel to have a different body?

The transcribathon

In this Adventure, participants will be invited to be a part of the huge TED Open Translation Project. OTP pursues the crazy and ambitious goal to get all TED and now TEDx talks translated in all languages, so as to maximise the power of ideas worth spreading. Exciting isn’t it?

Design Challenge

A guy in a jumpsuit walks up to a boxy device. He presses a button, hears a chirpy sound, and poof! A perfectly cooked steak appears – all steamy and tender. Next push of the button and a super-weapon is made – all big and shiny.

Sketches >Words

Why do you take notes? The answer seems to be silly-simple: so that you can review some information later, right?  Notes help you retain and rethink, so that you can keep a key to solving a certain problem. Now, there is a secret way of note-taking that lets you swiftly catch all the fundamental connections to understand anything.

The stage experience

TEDx talks are fascinating. Incredibly brief and so powerful, they probably broadened your horizons multiples times! How about experiencing their awesomeness from the inside, from preparation, to  audience feedback, through stage delivery?