Be an avatar

Where Wrocławski Park Technologiczny
Budynek Delta
ul. Duńska 9
Pracowania Interakcji
Language English
Attendees 16

About the Adventure

In this Adventure you will leave the world as we all know it for an experience in Virtual Reality. How does it feel to have a different body?

You will discover the technologies used to create such worlds and the use we can make of it in a wider range of domains. More details and registration available soon!

This event is organized as a part of GeekWeekWro #2, a local event promoting the tech industry in Wroclaw. Check their website out!

About the host

Marcin Czub is the principal investigator in “VR4Health” – a research project on Virtual Reality use in pain alleviation. As an assistant Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Wroclaw, he loves sharing innovative knowledge. Basically, Marcin is seeking how we can use technology to better understand ourselves. Trail runner aspiring for a distance, not speed.


  • Introduction

  • Open session time – using VR glasses

  • Playing VR games

  • Different appliacations of VR (videos)

  • Q&A – Marcin Czub answers questions about VR possibilities

  • Creativity session – future of VR

  • Feedback time


  • Good command of English


Feedback from the participants

The workshop was a real eye-opener. I never imagined VR can have so many surprising applications! I thought it was only for gaming, but I was totally wrong!
– Anna