Cooking is fun

starts 17:00

Krzywy Komin

Krzywy Komin
Dubois 33-35a
50-207 Wrocław

Language English
Attendees 10 children + 10 adults

About the Adventure

In this Adventure, your kids will learn that cooking is fun, and they will also get a chance to practise their English skills.

Cooking is an artform. Celebrity chefs know well how to bring out heavenly flavours from unlikely ingredients. On the other hand, cooking is also a survival skill, this is why we teach it to our children, as part of the standard upbringing package (say ‘thank you’, wash your hands, make scrambled eggs, etc.) Not everybody understands that cooking can also be FUN. This TEDx Adventure will prove it.

About the host

Our visit in the studio will be hosted by Jerzy Śliwa, a food technologist who loves cooking and has worked in several local restaurants as the sous-chef and the chef. He has experience working with children and can prove that cooking is child’s play.


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  • Introduction, singing a song together, warm-up games


  • Learning to make the sponge cake


  • Melting chocolate, shaping the pops from pre-cooled sponge cake


  • Coating the pops, cooling time


  • Eating sponge cake


  • Briefing, looking at ready cake pops, decorating and gift-wrapping them, singing a song



  • Children should be able to communicate in English
  • They should be 5-9 years old


Feedback from the participants

Stay tuned!