Design Challenge

starts 5:30pm

Host IdeaPlace
pl. Solny 15, 3rd floor
Language English
Attendees 12

About the Adventure

A guy in a jumpsuit walks up to a boxy device. He presses a button, hears a chirpy sound, and poof! A perfectly cooked steak appears – all steamy and tender. Next push of the button and a super-weapon is made – all big and shiny.

We’ve all seen similar scenes in sci-fi movies. Now, let’s suppose that this guy makes body tissue for a blood vessel, instead of a steak. Imagine the opportunities to be almost endless, like a sensor, a bone, a heart valve or how about a drug that fights a new and deadly virus.

This guy is real and he is a scientist who uses 3D printing. Of course, the process is much more complicated, but the things created today with 3D printing are simply amazing. This is just the beginning.

All it takes is to look at current technologies to know why they are revolutionary. It all begins with catching the tech bug; then you start craving the knowledge and experience in taking advantage of the endless capabilities that 3D printing offers. But the problem is that those technologies are often hard to get to, or not easy to use.

We’re here to help you with that!

This adventure will be all in 3D! You will have the possibility to interact with one of the most promising technologies of today with three guys from that know 3D printing by heart. Emil Najczuk – R&D Engineer, Michał Olejarczyk – Production Engineer and Konrad Gruber – Materials Engineer. Together with them, you will brainstorm a project which will then be printed at the end of this Adventure! You will also get to know basic principles of modeling 3D objects, the difference between a computer project and the final product, and learn all about the applied potential of this amazing technology.

About the host

3 dimensions, 3 presenters! Konrad Gruber, Emil Najczuk and Michał Olejarczyk from make a team of 3D printing enthusiasts and specialists with many years of experience in materials engineering, design, construction and operation of 3D printers.

Emil, the automation and robotics engineer, loves water sports, travelling and motorcycles. He also is a big fan of travel books and reports.

Michal, production engineer is a PhD student and author expert in laser technologies, when he finds some free time he goes for sport, a lot of sport.

Konrad, the material engineer, is an expert who dreams about a journey to Mars or the Moon, just that!


  • Introduction and challenge kick-off


  • Team tasks


  • Design an object


  • Explore the technology


  • Printing iterations


  • Conclusion



  • People interested in and with prior basic knowledge on design, 3D printing, making
  • To attend in the workshop you need to apply and get a confirmation



Feedback from the participants

The subject was really interesting and it was really nice to meet people who have similar interests. Keep doing it!
– Anonymous

The design challenge was fun and engaging. Great to see how our ideas could be translated so quickly into a prototype
– Kitty Hubbard