On air

starts 18:30

Radio Luz

Radio LUZ
Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27
studio: budynek C8 / II p.

Language English
Attendees 8

About the Adventure

In this Adventure, you will get the once in a lifetime chance to visit a radio broadcasting studio, meet the people who work there, get trained by a radio specialist, and finally go on air, to speak on a topic of your choice.

The radio station that will host us is Akademickie Radio LUZ in Wroclaw, that broadcasts at 91,6 FM from Wroclaw Technical University. It is run entirely by volunteers, students from different local universities. Radio LUZ is TEDxWroclaw Adventures media partner and has cooperated with us on a number of projects. But never before did we have a chance to bring our participants into the studio…

About the host

Our visit in the studio will be hosted by Konrad Zalewski, Program Director and Culture section Editor-In-Chief.
The trainer will be Paweł Synowiec, Head of the Technical Department, sound producer and voice trainer.

Konrad Zalewski

Konrad Zalewski
Paweł Synowiec

Paweł Synowiec


  • Introduction and Tour of the studio


  • Voice warmup and training


  • Announcement text composition


  • Studio Recording Session + feedback


  • On Air


  • Closing up


  • Very good language skills
  • ‘radio voice’ will be a plus


Stay tuned!

Feedback from the participants

TEDx events are always inspirational, but I have chosen the radio adventure specifically because I study journalism here and we don’t have this kind of studio in my country (I come from Myanmar) and I want to have a radio start-up when I come back home.
– Khine