Let’s play a tune that will ignite Wrocław!

Why should we do this together?

We’re pretty sure You are striving for excellence. An admirable goal that can be achieved with the right people. We know that, because as a non-profit organisation, we build solely on people’s motivation and drive for development. By partnering with us, you send a clear message to Wrocław’s vibrant public. You want Wrocław’s community to grow.

This year’s event will be something never done before by a TEDx event. We work with a very special partner to create a unique, memorable experience. Every year we work to be better at enabling a society of talented and committed people to share ideas and to take a step towards building a better future. This is what TEDx brand is known for.


To discuss the possibilities, talk to

Michał Kasprzyk, TEDxWroclaw Director


+48 790 300 458



There are many reasons why You and us should work together. We can do what we love and are good at. You help us achieve the above, which translates into:

  • 1. Brand Linking

    Associate your organization with a powerful worldwide brand and movement recognised for endorsing creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

  • 2. Unusual PR

    Show your values by helping to create an environment for tuned-in, dedicated creators and entrepreneurs.

  • 3. Creative Employer Branding

    Connect with our culturally rich community, showing that you value people and their growth.

  • 4. Lead Generation

    Gain highly qualified leads from tuned-in intellectuals within a variety of industries, including education, healthcare, media, and technology.

How can you contribute?

We’re looking for reliable Partners whose values are aligned with ours.
There’s many ways in which we can bring value to the participants of the event together. We’d like to discuss them with you and in this video you will find some as a starter:

Partnerships available

  • Monetary
  • In-kind
  • Services, supplies, resources
  • Adventure hosting
  • Post-event VIP party
  • Event workshops or breakouts
  • Food, drink

Partnership levels

TEDxWroclaw is a solely volunteer organization. No one (not even the speakers) gets paid for their work; therefore, the partnerships we form with forward-thinking companies like yours act as our lifeblood. We can’t do this without you!

Partnership opportunities change annually. Special levels and perks can be build on a per-partner basis. Partner levels and perks are subject to change.

Partnership PerksSupporter
Guaranteed-seating tickets1247
Consultation regarding creative activityBrief*Full*
Your logo in every speaker videox
Invitations for VIP dinner, day before main event2
A mention in the press releasex
Public speaking workshop for Partner's employeesx
1 on 1 public speaking consulting for chosen Partner’s employees1 employee2 employees
A note in event flyer / booklet150 words300 words
Being part of the generous store**+200 PLN per item10 items,
+100 PLN per extra item
unlimited itemsunlimited items, exposed
An activity in conference exhibition areaxx
Your logo displayed on screen during breaksxxx, enlarged
Your logo in flyer / bookletxxx, enlarged
Your logo on ‘thank you’ screenxxx, enlarged
Add item to the welcome pack for attendeesxxx
Possibility to host TEDx Adventure****xxx
Your logo on our websitexxxx, enlarged
TEDxWroclaw Partners Networkyesyesyes, host***yes, host***

Full – we assist you during the process all the way (brainstorming, organization, volunteers help, etc.)
Brief – we give you ideas on what you could organize and you do it yourself

The Generous Store is an innovative formula of partnership. It will be based on the idea shown in this video, but it will be much more meaningful for TEDxWroclaw and our Partners. Please contact us for more details.

We’d like to organize a networking event for our Partners and we’re giving you the possibility to host it in your premises.

For information on TEDx Adventures, please go here. The Adventure needs to be consulted with the TEDxWroclaw Team.


To discuss the possibilities, talk to

Michał Kasprzyk, TEDxWroclaw Director


+48 790 300 458