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starts 5:30pm

Aleksandra Ostrowskiego 30 b
Language English
Attendees 15

About the Adventure

Why do you take notes? The answer seems to be silly-simple: so that you can review some information later, right?  Notes help you retain and rethink, so that you can keep a key to solving a certain problem. Now, there is a secret way of note-taking that lets you swiftly catch all the fundamental connections to understand anything.

Better still – you can learn to think this way, so that you catch the most important details on the fly. And we want to show you how. You will take part in colourful workshop under a careful eye of Piotr Poznański .  He is a visual thinking specialist that conducts workshops for trainers and illustrators. Piotr got heavily inspired to pursue visual thinking lifestyle after watching Ken Robinson’s TED talk (Changing education paradigms). He is currently writing a book about visualization of ideas by hand. There will be some tears and something other than milk will spill. But after this Adventure you will know that sketchnoting and the way of thinking it provides are fun and worth torn paper and spilled ink. With Piotr, you will learn that you CAN draw – just as everyone else. You will start to see the world in basic shapes and begin to read the symbols in everyday life. You will also learn about sketchnoting: what it is, how to use it, and why it is such an awesome tool. Let yourself see the unseeable, join us!

About the host

Piotr Poznański is a visual Scribe/Graphic Recorder as well as creative expert in sketchnotes and a coach who loves to share his passion for ideas visualization. He is the author of some magazine articles and a book „Art of ideas visualization by hand” (original title: „Sztuka Wizualizacji idei od ręki”. Dated January 2016, book is not yet published). As a visual thinking student and active member of International Forum for Visual Practitioners (IFVP) for 2 years, Piotr also contributed to organize international conferences for visual practitioners with masters of the area. He likes to explore knowledge and is fan of new technology. You can call him a geek, but mind false representations, as he is really into classic men elegance, often wearing ties and pocket squares, just for fun :). Get to know him better on his fanpages: / Myślenie Wizualne w Praktyce (Facebook).


  • You, as everyone else, CAN draw

  • See the world in basic shapes

  • See and read the symbols in everyday life

  • Intro to mindmapping

  • Sketchnoting – what is it, how to use it, why is it awesome


  • No prior particular knowledge nor skills are required to attend
  • Material is provided but feel free to bring your own markers and sketchbook if you have one.

As usual the event is free of charge!




Feedback from the participants

A truly inspiring event, I liked all the tips how to draw male and female faces or different objects. A great idea for a follow-up edition would be to play drawing charades.
– Justyna

I did enjoy the event because in a simple way everybody was proved they could draw meaningful images, even if they had doubted it before. I think it was very refreshing to try a different perspective on the world and draw it.
– Natalia

I got some new ideas and thoughts as to how to visualize concepts or things.
– Bastian