TEDxWroclawWomen Speakers

Speakers of the event:

Karolina WawrzynówKarolina Wawrzynów

Karolina is a unique example of a person who follows her own path. Even though she was meant to be a sociologist at the age of 18 she went off on her own to Denmark to study at graphic design school. Afterwards she obtained a management degree and is now accomplishing informatics & econometrics. She is like a chameleon, constantly adapting to her surroundings.

NataliaTalkowskaNatalia Talkowska

Natalia is the founder and visual storyteller behind Natalka Design (www.natalkadesign.com). Using visual communication strategies to tell stories has always been her biggest passion. Throughout the years she noticed a huge gap in the way companies communicate their message to their audience & their lack of unique and innovative ideas to present them.

She connected the dots (skills, passion, network) and helps companies grow by getting more creative with the use of one of society's most powerful communication tools: visuals. Natalia uses different strategies such live sketching, great design, workshops and explainer videos. She's on a mission to change the way we communicate, remember things, present our business ideas and brand ourselves.

Basia CebulaBarbara Cebula

"It is only you, your motorcycle and the road that counts…" has been Basia's life motto since she decided to connect her two biggest passions: motorcycles and travel.

Although she works as a Project Manager in an IT company, she is constantly traveling from one country to another, trying to find the way out of her comfort zone. Be prepared for a speech from a fearless woman who only gets off her bike in the winter and snow.

ZuzannaDolinskaZuzanna Dolińska​

Zuzanna is a business woman with experience in IT, customer service and education. She founded her first company at the age of 24, a law service (www.szybkieumowy.pl) which combines a quickly searchable collection of legal agreement templates with a large database of trusted experts who provide legal advice. The service has been profitable from day one and acquired within one month.

Zuzanna also loves public speaking is a founding member of the English language Wroclove Speakers Toastmasters Club.


Barbara Widera

Barbara is an architect (her thesis presented the relations between fashion and architecture), a specialist in the field of contemporary architecture, an academic teacher at Wroclaw University of Technology and also a fashion designer and underwater archeologist. As if that's not enough Barbara is a polyglot, passionate traveler, diver and dancer, and is always enthusiastic about meeting new cultures and the discovering world. Her favorite activity is using the mind in a creative way, preferably in beautiful scenery.

Ilona FoltaIlona Folta-Król

Curiosity is her middle name (do not worry about cats, satisfaction always brings them back!) and happy coincidence is her best friend. Her interest in linguistics and foreign languages (she has degrees in Polish and Czech philology) had a massive impact on her. It helped her become a teacher of Polish as a foreign language, encouraged to travel and gain work experience in multicultural companies, and recently got her into a love affair with programing languages.

She enjoys interesting people, debates, simple pleasures, good live music, and mountains.