We are a group of people who organize conferences branded by TED in Wrocław.

This is a local initiative which allignes with the spirit of our town, the Meeting Place. We are the most international TEDx team in Poland, both our team and our audiences. Our talks are entirely in English to foster communication between different cultures.

The international audience of TEDxWroclaw were an inquisitive: scientists, innovators, explorers, activists, visionaries, people with knowledge exceeding just one field, and the ones trying to understand the way the world changes.

Michał Kasprzyk

Zuzanna Zapolska
Project Manager

Agata Tannenberg Ratajczak
PR Manager

Camille Graux
TEDx Adventures Manager

Kasia Morawska
Attendee Experience Manager

Rita Skrypnyk
CSR Coordinator

Kasia Żarnowska
CSR Coordinator

Patrycja Chołuj
Project Manager Assistant

Magda Duchnik
Communication Coordinator

Rafał Gerent-Pocian
Website Manager

Paulina Burczak
Media relations specialist

Zuzanna Zaręba
Media Relations Specialist

Goncalo Viana
Videographer and Attendee Experience

Reka Nagy
Attendee Experience Specialist

Karolina Dobkowska
Attendee Experience Specialist

Anna Maria Komarnicka
Attendee Experience Specialist

Kasia Wocław
Attendees Coordinator

Michał Lewanowicz
Graphic Designer

Łukasz Werka

Alicja Jabłońska

Monika Szpiech
PR Specialist

Marek Rycerski
Social Media Coordinator

Amaury Martiny
PR Specialist

Tomasz Jamula
PR Specialist

Błażej Cepil

Anna Śliwa
TEDx Adventures Organizer

Marysia Smolarek
TEDx Adventures Organizer

Oliwia Bieniek
TEDx Adventures Organizer

Łukasz Stecko
TEDx Adventures Organizer

Magda Sobieszuk
TEDx Adventures Organizer