The stage experience

Host Dom Kultury Bakara
ul. Różana 4 7
Language English
Attendees 10

About the Adventure

TEDx talks are fascinating. Incredibly brief and so powerful, they probably broadened your horizons multiples times! How about experiencing their awesomeness from the inside, from preparation, to  audience feedback, through stage delivery?
In this Adventure you will have a chance to put yourself in the shoes of a TEDx Speaker. Discover how to find the key idea to make your point, beat the fear of public speaking, create your 3 minutes speech and deliver it from stage. You will have a choice to do the practical part in Polish or in English. No stress, this is a private TEDx conference with a much smaller audience!

About the host

This workshop will be delivered by Michal Kasprzyk, an expert on public speaking. Michal is not only TEDxWroclaw curator (the person who prepares speakers for their performance), he is a passionate and experienced trainer. Dedicated to inspiring others, Michal is involved in many local and international projects. He will happily share his extensive experience on how to make your talk memorable.


  • Intro / icebreaker


  • Beat the fear of public speaking


  • How to build a TED-like talk (the idea out of the passion)


  • Speech preparation


  • Speech delivery from the stage – 3′ per person.

  • Feedback & conclusion



  • Desire to improve your public speaking skills
  • No prior experience in delivering talks needed

As usual this event is free of charge!


Feedback from the participants

Michal and the team were really great! It was fun, instructive and meeting other participant was also really nice.
– Anonymous participant